Meet the Speakers

Whitney Larson @farmwifeguru @midwestfarmwives

Whitney is the host of this event for women in Ag. She is a 31 year old Midwest town Girl turned Farm Wife and Mother.  She and her husband Bart are first-generation farmers in northwest Kansas.  Operating their Ag businesses and raising crops and kids keep them on their toes at all times.  She is passionate about telling their ag story to educate and bring awareness as well as empowering women to find their role on their own operations.  Whitney lives by the 3 F’s: faith, family, and farming – and believes God has a vision far greater than our sight.  She can be found on Instagram @farmwifeguru or at

Kylie Epperson @thegratefulfarmwife @midwestfarmwives

Kylie Epperson, also known as The Grateful Farm Wife, is a proud 20-something Northeast Missouri farmer, raising row crops, pigs, and kids (2 with one on the way) with her 4th generation farmer husband, Jordan. Coming from the education field, her role on the farm stretches from raising kids, to parts runner, to office bookkeeper, to financial manager, and more. Kylie is the co-host of the Midwest Farm Wives Podcast. Falling victim to unfortunate farming situations, Kylie found her voice in agriculture and has been sharing her farm story both on social media and in-person on a regular basis. 

For Cultivating Courage 2021, Kylie and Whitney will be speaking together on motherhood, living intentional lives, and embracing a positive mindset.

Jason Medows @agstateofmind

Jason Medows was born and raised on his family’s cow calf operation outside of Cuba Missouri.  He grew up playing football and baseball as well as involved in his local 4-H.  In 2002 Jason left the farm for St Louis College of Pharmacy.  He graduated in 2008 with his Doctor in Pharmacy and returned home to work at a local hospital and continue the cow-calf operation he started in college.   It was at that local hospital he met his future wife Keri.  Fast forward 12 years and they have 4 boys and have purchased another farm of their own.  In 2019, Jason began his podcast Ag State Of Mind where he combined his medical background with his passion for agriculture to help break the stigma surrounding mental health in agriculture. Jason will be speaking on the importance of mental health in agriculture and how to break the stigma and to speak out for your own benefit.

Amy Halfmann @aha.nutrition

Amy Halfmann is a farm wife, mom of four, and registered dietitian. She is the owner of A.Ha Nutrition, a company that specializes in nutrition education and communications. Her mission is to create kitchen confidence in young families by helping them plan, shop, cook, and feed simple yet nourishing meals. Amy and her husband Marcus raise cotton, grain, and kids in rural west Texas. Combining her nutrition expertise and farm experience, Amy has simplified the grocery shopping and cooking experience to feed the family or farm crew in a moment’s notice. In her session, she will help you gain confidence in your own kitchen by sharing tips and tricks to keep a kitchen well stocked for a month’s worth of easy meals and snacks. Amy can be found on Instagram or Facebook @aha.nutrition.

Britany Wondercheck @nefarmgirlnextdoor

Britany is truly the Farm Girl Next Door. When you live where even your nearest neighbor is miles away, everyone’s ‘next door,’ right?! Britany grew up on a row crop farm in northeast Nebraska and is now back in the same area farming corn and soybeans and selling Pioneer seed with her husband, Dan, and his parents. While Britany was originating grain and working in merchandising for a large grain company, she saw a need for someone relatable to teach ag professionals and farmers, especially women, grain marketing basics. Her passion is to empower women to feel confident taking part in grain marketing decisions and make learning about grain marketing fun. She’s known for her quick, educational grain marketing tips and #marketfactmonday weekly video. Britany will be speaking on the 3 most important things you can do today to become a better grain marketer. You can find Britany on Instagram @nefarmgirlnextdoor or at

Jen Stutzman @heartofthebison

Jen is a country girl who married a city boy named Jake. She is the mother of five, three of whom were adopted from Ethiopia. She spends her time turning teenagers into adults, tending to an ever-growing number of animals, and leading women in their pursuit of knowing God. Her experiences in facing the struggles of life led her to start a ministry called Heart of the Bison (@heartofthebison). Heart of the Bison exists to tell stories of everyday bravery and inspire people to face their storm, no matter how big or small. They seek to rediscover the roots of bravery, mainly faith in someone greater than ourselves.  2 Corinthians 4:16-18 Learn more at

Kelly Griggs @griggsfarmstn

Kelly is from the outskirts of Chicago who went from city girl to farm partner. With having zero background in agriculture, Kelly took her farming role by the reigns and became a full time farmer. Kelly and Matt are 5th generation farmers who raise corn, cotton, soybeans and wheat. Kelly’s passion is to help bring awareness and education, to the urban communities how they farm using sustainable practices and the latest technology. Kelly’s goal is to connect with other farm women, such as herself, who need the courage to step out of their comfort zone and find their “tribe.” She will be speaking on “Breaking the Mold,” hearing the true behind the scenes, reality life as a farmer. Sharing those moments of courage when she stepped out of her comfort zone to share her testimony

Lauren Twigge @thdairydietitian

Lauren Twigge is a Dallas based registered and licensed Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She works in corporate wellness and counsels private clients by day and runs her growing Instagram account by night. Lauren was born and raised in a family of farmers located in central California and is an outspoken supporter of the agricultural industry. Growing up on a dairy and being raised around farming her whole life has given Lauren a unique perspective on food and her passion is to work at the crux of agriculture and human nutrition to fight misinformation and give consumers back their food confidence. Lauren is known as “the dairy dietitian” on Instagram and educates on a variety of health topics including the truth about the dairy industry and the role that dairy products can play in a healthy diet. Dairy and health/nutrition. This will include the current dietary recommendations, health benefits of including dairy, and likely debunking some common nutrition myths that come with the dairy territory!

Jessie Norman @jessie_rush_norman

Hey y’all, I’m Jessie. From Cajun roots to farming in Northeast Texas, I discovered my true love and peace in my big family, the smell of dirt, and God. The tougher moments for a farmwife, mom, and stepmom to five children led me to my true calling, helping others to thrive with grace and humility, and simply “dropping the rope” in relationship with one another. I fully believe that grace can change the entire name of the game and that is not something I’m willing to stay quiet about. You can find my farmer and I on the Moving On Podcast, where we break down our dust-ups to uncover God’s truths, tell stories about blending our family, and also hear from guests that walked through the fire and have come out on the other side Refined.

Sara Beth Johnson @flyingpigcattle

Sara Beth Johnson owns and operates Flying Pig Cattle Co with her husband, Colton. Their Arkansas farm is a small scale commercial cow-calf operation, and also runs miniature Herefords and meat goats. In addition to the farm, Sara Beth also works full time as a 4-H County Agent. Aside from the farm and her job, Sara Beth enjoys breakaway roping on her horse, Dottie, and she reads entirely too many books. During Cultivating Courage, Sara Beth will be sharing fun, hands-on Agriculture Literacy activities to do with kids of all ages.

Kate Lambert @uptown_farms

As an accomplished ag professional, a speaker and blogger, a farmer, a mom, and a wife, Kate Lambert thrives with a jam-packed schedule.  But, like many women in agriculture, she often suffers from an over-willingness to say yes and a fear of not meeting the expectations of those counting on her.  In her  presentation, Kate will discuss some of the strategies all women can adopt to respect the season they are in, while still accomplishing the things that matter most. Kate will be speaking on leaning into the Courage to step back: learning to respect the seasons we are in.

Wrenn Bird @wrennbird

Wrenn Pacheco is the mother of two little cowboys, Leo and Ross. She is a professional photographer and also works as a rancher with her husband, Arturo, in the Flint Hills of Kansas. In their operation, they care for double stock yearlings and develop heifers.  Wrenn is also a children’s book author that was inspired to write My Mommy and Daddy are Ranchers by watching her sons grow up in the ranching life. Wrenn has a passion for all thing’s agriculture, families and encouraging women. 

Through her presentation, she is going to share the process of self-publishing a children’s book with the hopes that it will empower others to follow their own dreams, no matter what they are. 

To connect with Wrenn you can find her on Instagram @wrenn.bird or @cookingwiththecowboy. 

Shelli Dreiling and Barb Martin

My name is Shelli Dreiling, and the is my grandmother Barb Martin. We are both farm wives from Andale, KS.
Barb has been a devoted farmer and farm wife her entire adult life! She is approaching 80 years old, and currently maintains the books and finances of the family farm. She worked side by side with her late farmer husband, Nick Martin. She did everything under the sun at the farm, including driving semi trucks, preparing meals, keeping the books, and of course raising their 5 children! Although she has scaled back on her work on the farm, she understands the heart and soul that goes into faming.

My farmer husband, Nate Dreiling, has had a love for farming his entire life. We currently live in Andale, KS with our 7 year old son, Wyatt, and our 2 dogs. I work as an Emergency Room Charge Nurse in Wichita, KS and am currently going back to school to get my Doctor of Nursing Practice. You could say our life gets a little hectic at times! I fully support my farmer husband and I love his passion for agriculture. I am not typically involved in the day to day operations of the farm, however I take care of all things at our home, make all the meals and lunches, provide meals for harvest crew, etc. 
Together they will address how Farms and farm wives can appear different in several ways. I think it is very important to understand that it is ok for every family to “look” different. We should not compare ourselves to others and I will continue to advocate fo that. God bless!

Tiffany Thorton @piggytiffy

 Tiffany Thornton grew up in rural Missouri working with her family raising sheep and hogs, & was involved in 4-H, FFA, and showing livestock. Today she is back in the same area as a farm wife and show pig mom to two rowdy kids, and in addition, she works for Corteva Agri-Science in research and development mainly focused in corn breeding. Outside of her full-time position she helps run their family farms, raise cattle and show pigs, as well as owning her baking business Treats by Tiff, which also includes hosting freezer meal classes. Tiffany loves to share her knowledge of agriculture and the rural life as well as help moms prepare for the busy seasons that being involved in agriculture brings.

Field meals are one of her specialty & in her session, you will learn about keeping your freezer stocked to be ready for whatever “season” is thrown at you!

Ashley White @the_agcountant

Ashley was born and raised in a rural community in western Missouri, so a passion for agriculture came naturally.  Another passion has always been helping people by making the complex things, seem simple. She has been an accountant for over 10 years!  Before starting her own small firm, she had worked in a CPA firm working with taxes and audits, where she was able to focus on the agriculture community.  After watching farming clients suffer to get their tax stuff put together, and understand it, she wanted to figure out a way to help. That is when she started her own farm specializing in helping farmers, ranchers, and agricultural businesses with their bookkeeping, along with consulting and tax planning with her clients. My goal is to make your bookkeeping easier, and more efficient. You can understand your bookkeeping; It doesn’t have to be complicated.  You can do this, using my methods I can show you how!