Meet the Speakers

Jenna Paulette-
Performer, Singer and Songwriter

Jenna will be performing for us at Friday nights social! You don’t want to miss this.

Whitney Larson @farmwifeguru @midwestfarmwives

Whitney is the host of this event for women all over the country. She is a 31 year old Midwest town Girl turned Farm Wife and Mother of 3. She and her husband Bart are first-generation farmers in northwest Kansas. Operating their farm and Ag related businesses and raising crops and kids keep them on their toes at all times. She didn’t grow up in Agriculture but now finds a huge love for it. She is passionate about telling their Ag story to educate and bring awareness as well as empowering women to find their role on their own operations.

She can be found on Instagram @farmwifeguru or at

Kylie Epperson @thegratefulfarmwife @midwestfarmwives

Kylie Epperson, also known as The Grateful Farm Wife, is a proud 30-something Northeast Missouri farmer, raising row crops, pigs, 3 kids andwith her 4th generation farmer husband, Jordan. Coming from the education field, her role on the farm stretches from raising kids, to parts runner, to office bookkeeper, to financial manager, and more. Kylie is the co-host of the Midwest Farm Wives Podcast. Falling victim to unfortunate farming situations, Kylie found her voice in agriculture and has been sharing her farm story both on social media and in-person on a regular basis.

Terryn Drieling @faithfamilyandbeef @typeitoutpodcast

Terryn is a wife, mother, and rancher with a deep love for Jesus and an affinity for good coffee. She is the brains behind Faith Family & Beef where she encourages folks to escape to the ranch, come as they are, kick off their boots and stay a while. Terryn is also co-creator of Type It Out with T and Cass, a podcast where she and her partner Cassidy Johnston talk all things enneagram and ag, helping women learn and grow together in who we were made to be. 

Kennedy Haney @the.legenddairy.dietitian

Kennedy Haney is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a B.S. in dietetics and human nutrition, a psychology minor and an M.S. in exercise science and sports nutrition. Kennedy works to fuel top performing athletes while also bringing her agriculture expertise to the field. She lives in a rural MN town with her 4th generation dairyman and has found a love for all things dairy, cows, and growing and raising her own food first hand. Now, she works to educate through instagram with the goal of bridging the gap between consumers and producers & reducing the stigmas around food with hopes to change the way the world eats, forever.

Jen Stutzman @heartofthebison

Jen is a country girl who married a city boy named Jake. She is the mother of five, three of whom were adopted from Ethiopia. She spends her time turning teenagers into adults, tending to an ever-growing number of animals, and leading women in their pursuit of knowing God. Her experiences in facing the struggles of life led her to start a ministry called Heart of the Bison (@heartofthebison). Heart of the Bison exists to tell stories of everyday bravery and inspire people to face their storm, no matter how big or small. They seek to rediscover the roots of bravery, mainly faith in someone greater than ourselves.  2 Corinthians 4:16-18 Learn more at

Keri Medows @kerimedows

Keri Medows is the founder and instructor of Kula Yoga & Fitness Studio in Cuba, MO. She lives on a farm with her husband and four boys where they raise beef cattle. She  is a Yoga 200-RYT in addition to being a NASM certified personal trainer. She creates a safe, non-competitive community where her students can find their own journey on the mat. Her classes are a blend of movement and stillness, breath and motion, strength and flexibility. You can find grounding, peace and energy in her classes. She loves teaching Yoga on the Farm, an event on her family farm in Cuba, Mo, classes in studio, and other yoga events. Yoga has been so beneficial to her life that she wants to share it with others. She is on Instagram @kerimedows.

Kayla Josefiak @kaylajosefiak

Kayla Josefiak (Joe-See-Fee-Awk) from Rozel, Kansas. Don’t sweat the small stuff, embrace your small ones. Mental health, farming, momming and fitness are what make Kayla Josefiak thrive. Life changing and goal altering injuries led Kayla to where she is today – living a joyfully passionate life to cultivate in others their worth in life.

Kiah @coach_kiah

I’m a 6th generation California rancher turned accidental life coach after finally deciding to take control of her own life. On my journey to health I have lost 125 pounds, but more importantly I lost the mental weight I had been carrying with me for years. I’m on a mission to help others find joy along their journey to health and happiness. No fad diets, no restrictions, no intense workout programs- just mental skills to find self love and take control of thoughts and negative mindsets that tend to hold people back!

Jess Peter @seejessfarm

Jess Peters is a 5th generation dairy farmer from Pennsylvania where she owns and operates Spruce Row Farm with her parents and brother. She is also an avid advocate for Agriculture. She has written two children’s books and shares on social media about her life on the farm. For the last few years she has been using her online presence to bring a light to mental health struggles within Agriculture. Through sharing her own story with mental health and her project- Secrets of Ag, she is hoping to help lessen the stigma surrounding mental health issues and using her platform to give a sense of relief and acceptance.

Brooke Clay Taylor @ruralgoneurban

Brooke Clay Taylor is a seasoned brand strategist who has worked with national and international agricultural, pharma, and food brands through storytelling, influencer marketing, and content production. After working with some of the top advertising agencies in the country, Brooke leaned into her entrepreneurial genes and began riding for her own brand. This move allowed her to continue working with thought leaders while taking on new challenges as a tv field producer and creative mastermind and retreat host. During this time, Brooke’s personal life took on a true Hallmark narrative as she moved back to her Oklahoma hometown from Nashville and found herself living in the bunk quarters of her parent’s ranch while nursing a heartbreak. The plot thickened when Brooke found herself exchanging vows with her to her high school best friend during a snowstorm in Big Sky, Montana. If this were a series, the second movie in the franchise would begin with receiving a breast cancer diagnosis the same day she delivered her first baby.

Today, Brooke is living in the Wild West of life after cancer treatment while empowering women to pivot gracefully, and with humor, through life’s curveballs

Lou Bluth @loubluth

Health. Self Discovery.
Spiritual Seeker. Nature Lover

Lou is a free spirited soul. She lives on an onion farm in the desert of Northern Chihuahua Mexico with her husband (El Vikingo) and her two boys (Bekham- 8 and Gibby-7). In between homeschooling and farm-wife duties, Lou runs a nutrition coaching business. Her passion for health and love for nature radiates into all aspects of her life. Join in on her courageous journey of self discovery, healing, health, and spirituality. Get ready to discover your own wildly beautiful happiness- within you.

Kennedy @