MARK YOUR CALENDARS : Feb 11 and 12th, 2023 in Colby Kansas.
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2022 Speakers
2022- 200+ women connected through love, positive vibes and hope!

Cultivating Courage is an event designed for Women in all seasons of life: Farmers, Farm Wives, Ranchers, Ranch Wives, Mothers, Women on the farm or off, Homesteading or Raising kids and/or animals. This event came to life by a fellow Farm Wife who was tired of missing out on the events too far away from her home in NWKS. 

Do you have to be involved in Ag? Absolutely not.
Ladies last year can attest to the energy in the room. 

Does age matter? Nope! The youngest attendee was 16 and the oldest was 70. 

This event is for women by women and anyone is welcome to come, we are all equals when you come into this room. No one person is better than the other! The moment you enter you are welcomed as you are. You will leave better than when you came. Ready to conquer the year and all the ups and  downs that come with life.

200 + women gathered in Sharon Springs in February and humbled Whitney with their presence in NWKS and  our hometown. Singer and songwriter Jenna Paulette joined and offered her amazing voice to the crowd. She is CMTs next top 20 in 2022, so be sure to look out for her in the future. They used the school gym and had a yoga class with 150 ladies as well. Can stay in touch at cultivating-courage.org for when tickets for on sale this month.

“I want women to have their cup filled, hopes renewed and spirits lifted by speakers who are ready to offer them encouragement, uplifting words to remind them that they are strong and courageous, day in and day out. That they aren’t alone in any of these big emotions we feel and that they matter.”

Whitney Larson

We will welcome back Ms Jenna Paulette for 2023

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